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The Pull Up- A Social Experience W/ Calvanay NunleY.

"Where we are more than our illness"
Audience: 17 & up

2024 Pull Up Schedule

Every 4th Saturday of the Month
January - June, 2024 @ 11:30am - 1:30pm

Jan. 26, April. 27, Feb. 24( In person), May. 25, March. 23, and Jun. 22.
Location: (Zoom)

Please contact Calvanay Nunley for more information:
Support Group.JPG
Support Groups hosts open forums for clients and their families to share and learn from each other with a focus on self-advocacy.
These monthly meetings focus on the sickle cell community and give a platform to strengthen each other and exchange experiences.

Mission statement: "A safe place, where we foster a community of wellbeing and support, embracing people living with Sickle Cell Disease."

Purpose: We hope to gain a union of support, where we come together to help each other deal with our day to day adversities in life, while living with sickle cell disease. We also want to raise awareness by coming up with different health strategies to educate our community and other healthcare professionals. We promote self advocacy, build a system of support, resources, and education for our community. With this agenda we hope to obtain quality care and empower thy youth to take control of their health.

To help clients with sickle cell to be prepared in different situations and maintain wellbeing,

check out our

Client Check-in & Updates Program

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