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"No one in his family knew anything about sickle cell when he was diagnosed, and it had a devastating impact on his family. The news altered my family dynamic in a major way. My mom, a nurse at the time, lost her job because she needed to stay home and take care of me. Her career goals were gone."


“When I’m in that moment of pain in the emergency room, I can’t even think for myself. The pain is debilitating and they’re asking me questions like, ‘Are you sure you have sickle cell? We need to look into this,’” says Mimi, a 37-year-old lawyer and mom of four.




Advocacy and empowerment.

In 9 monthly workshops, we bring together SCD clients, advocates, and health care workers for wide-ranging learning. Themes include strategies for Emergency Room visits, resiliency through mindfulness, and self-advocacy.

Client Check-In & Update Program.

SCAASF offers a Client Check-In & Update program to prepare our sickle cell clients for many different situations that they may need to go through and to lend a hand in times of crisis.

Sickle Cell Camp Superstar (Youth).

Client'S Assistance Program.

In times of crisis, we will be able to provide temporary assistance for you to support you as you move on in life. Click to learn more about eligibility and to submit a form to sign up.

Educational Outreach Program.

Holiday Giving Program.

Over the holidays, SCAASF will be distributing gifts to families living with sickle cell and also the SF Fire Department Toy Drive from your donations.

Please click to donate or learn more.

Pull Up Experience w/ Calvanay Nunley & Cayenne Wellness (Support Group).

We host open forums for clients and their families to share and learn from each other with a focus on self-advocacy. These quarterly meetings focus on the sickle cell community and give a platform to strengthen each other and exchange experiences.

Join us/Support Us

Be an advocate.

We encourage those that are interested in being an advocate to attend our 9 monthly Advocacy and Empowerment workshops.


Our internship is open to high school and college students and provides a unique opportunity to engage in community organizing, health advocacy, and non-profit management. Please click to learn more.


  • Pfizer

  • Networking California for Sickle Cell Care

  • Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital

  • UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital

  • Sickle Cell Data Collection

  • Vertex Pharmaceuticals

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