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Hours of Operation: 

Monday - Friday                8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Contact Us: 


Phone: (925) 494-1274‬


EIN: 47-1268974

Closure Dates: 

All Major Holidays

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  • Independence Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Day

  • New Years Day

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To broaden public awareness about Sickle Cell Disease, advocate for clients and SCD community at large for access to quality compassionate healthcare, empower through education and lastly, establish a Sickle Cell Care & Resource Center in the Bay Area.


Our vision is to work collectively with key stakeholders as a united voice to develop positive strategies for improvement in healthcare and create a more comprehensive experience for the clients and their families.


Our Objective:

Our objective is to clarify the needs of the people living with sickle cell disease and remove the stigmas and biases. The keys to improvement is trust, communication, compassion and quality care. Further education for clinicians, physicians and healthcare providers would be tremendously helpful. As we strengthen those areas and reinforce the use of effective listening this will build better relationships between people living with sickle cell disease and providers in the ER or Doctors office.  

"Sickle Cell Anemia Awareness San Francisco came into existence in June 2014, a year after my son, Kareem Marcellas Jones (36 years young) passed away from the effects of this vicious disease."

- NeDina Brocks, CEO

This will also result in fewer cases of the 3Ms:

Misunderstanding, Mistreatment, Misdiagnosis

Currently SCAA provides the following:

  • Education on SCD & Trait

  • Internship Program

  • Intake & Assessment for people living with sickle cell disease

  • Support Group Meetings (The Pullup with Calvanay Nunley)

  • Advocacy & Empowerment Program (AEP)

  • Client Assistance Program

  • Holiday Giving Program

  • Educational Outreach Program

Events & Activities:

Blood Drives  - Red Cross

SCAA Fitness Day 

KMJ Wine n' Sign - Create signs to support

KMJ Warrior Walk - September (Sickle Cell Awareness month)

Advocacy and Empowerment Program (AEP) 


SCAA Partnerships/Sponsors:

UCSF Centers of Excellence (SCAA is member of their Community Advisory Board)

ASH RC - WeST Clinic Trial Network Communitiy Advisory Board/UC Benioff 

Foundation for Sickle Cell Disease Research 

With your support we can get the recognition sickle cell disease so desperately needs to give those battling this with the disease can have them hope for a better quality of life.  That is the reason for the below initiative.

A Sickle Cell Care and Resource Initiative of San Francisco will give SCAASF the opportunity to offer additional services to the clients such as:

  • Transition from pediatric to adult care

  • Access to mental health services & health counseling                       

  • Access available social programs

  • Neuropsychological testing for school placement and services

  • Health care system navigation

  • Job training and resources

  • Educational counseling and support


"Help us make this disease a disease of the past and not the future."

Our Team.

Our Team.


Event Staff


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