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Educational Outreach Program.

What is it?

The Educational Outreach Program initiated (EOP) by SCAASF this year is one of the foundation pieces of our advocacy. The EOP will work closely with schools ranging from middle all the way to universities, publicly traded companies, health centers and Hospital/Clinics. The EOP also has a bilingual branch to cater to the Spanish speaking community. We conduct presentations, table at all medical/health fairs to disseminate information, encourage the implementation of SCD education in curriculums and a variety of educational settings. We also distribute information via social media, flyers, or pamphlets both paper and digital.

Who can be


For all those interested, please reach out to the EOP coordinator Kimble Torres:

Why we do?

This program operates to educate the public both lay and professional in the SCD fight for quality care giving and promotion of SCD truths.

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