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Our Organization.

Established in 2014 after the death of our founder and CEO's son, SCAASF is deeply invested in improving the quality and access of SCD care. We advocate for our client members in and out of the hospital, teach advocacy strategies, and work to establish a Sickle Cell Care & Resource Center in San Francisco. Our work has received certificates of honor and recognition from Senator Weiner and Mayor Lee. 

About Sickle Cell Anemia.

SCD affects approximately 100,000 Americans with a wide variety of debilitating symptoms including severe pain crises, anemia, stroke, and Acute Chest Syndrome (which can be fatal). Inherited in an autosomal recessive pattern, both parents must pass on the defective allele for their child to be affected. One in thirteen African Americans in the US are carriers, potentially passing it to their children. SCD is most common in descendants of sub-Saharan Africa, South/Central America, the Caribbean, Saudi Arabia, and Mediterranean countries. There is a major gap in access to quality SCD care in the US--more than 75% of American adults with frequent pain crises do not receive hydroxyurea, the recommended treatment (American Society of Hematology).

Past events.

  • AEP: In 9 monthly workshops, we bring together SCD clients, advocates, and health care workers for wide-ranging learning. Themes include strategies for Emergency Room visits, resiliency through mindfulness, and self-advocacy.

  • Blood Drives

  • KMJ Warrior Walk

  • KMJ Wine 'n' Sign

  • Fitness Day

  • UCSF Pre-med Health Conference tabling

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