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Advocacy and Empowerment Program.

Advocacy is a process.

Self Advocacy is the ability to articulate one's needs & make informed decisions about the support necessary to meet those needs.

Empowerment is preparing people to take control.

  • Do you know anyone or does someone in your family have Sickle Cell Disease (SCD)?

  • Are you a caregiver or advocate? 

This is the program for you!


Kimberly Major

Kimberly Major, MSW, ACSW is a medical social worker with the Comprehensive Sickle Program at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland (Adult & Pediatrics). Kim is dedicated to health, well-being and care of pediatric, adolescent and adult sickle cell patients. She has a Masters degree in Social Work and a Bachelors in Sociology with the emphasis in Social Work. She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers. She has worked closely with the Sickle Cell Community Advisory Board as a committee member on various sickle cell related community activities. For 20 years, she has been providing Psychosocial services to sickle cell patients and families. In addition to providing social service support, her focus is on healthcare transition. She is instrumental in the coordination of the Comprehensive Sickle Cell Transition program at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland. In her role, she provides education, counseling, and support regarding transition to help youth and young adult patients feel empowered to navigate the adult healthcare system. Kim provides an environment of compassion and support to help individuals and families overcome obstacles to move forward and thrive.

Schedule (Presenter List):

All of the presenters have been confirmed.

* If you register and attend several sessions, you can receive a SCAA Health and Wellness backpack. The items inside the backpack include assorted essentials you can utilize when going to the hospital, during your stay at the hospital and when you are leaving the hospital. *

Items inside the backpack include:

  • Blanket 

  • Water Bottle 

  • Journals 

  • Pen

  • Hertz Nazaire Coloring Book

  • 50 Coloring Pencils

  • Mindfulness links/recording - Jason

Program Details:

Location: Virtual Only on Zoom

Meetings Times: 11am to about 1pm


The program is created for all stakeholders (clients, caregivers, medical students, medical professionals and advocates). It is designed to explore advocacy and educate to be empowered. There will be a variety of presenters’ clients, nurses, physicians and key professionals sharing and discussing issues to engage attendees.


The Advocacy and Empowerment Program is comprised of two primary segments.

  • The first portion of the webinar is designed to introduce the audience to core educational content.

  • The second portion of the webinar is the implementation of the educational content learned, with journaling, along with discussions pertaining to real-world experiences

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