Advocacy and Empowerment Program

Advocacy is a process.

Self Advocacy is the ability to articulate one's needs & make informed decisions about the support necessary to meet those needs.

Empowerment is preparing people to take control.

  • Do you know anyone or does someone in your family have Sickle Cell Disease (SCD)?

  • Are you a caregiver or advocate?

This is the program for you!


The outcome of this program is vital to the future for people living with SCD.

Sickle Cell Anemia Awareness of San Francisco (SCAASF) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to broaden awareness about SCD, advocate for clients and empower through education.

Program Details (As of the moment: COVID-19):

Location: Via Zoom Video Conference
Meetings Times: 11am – 2pm


In January 2020 SCAASF launched the Advocacy and Empowerment Program (AEP) with sessions once a month at the South Beach Harbor Community room located 3 blocks from AT&T Ballpark in San Francisco. Meetings are now moved to ZOOM calls because of COVID-19


The program is created for all stakeholders (clients, caregivers, medical students, medical professionals and advocates). It is designed to explore advocacy and educate to be empowered. 


The Advocacy and Empowerment Program is comprised of two primary segments.

  • The first portion consists of three 3 hour intensive workshops designed to introduce clients to the purpose of the year-long program, the presentation of core educational content on SCD (Sickle Cell Disease) and the exploration of self-advocacy.

  • The second portion is the implementation of the educational content learned, with journaling, role playing, and along with discussions pertaining to their real-world experiences. There will be a variety of presenters’ clients, nurses, physicians and key professionals sharing and discussing issues to engage attendees.

*Upon completion of the program you will receive a Certificate of Completion, Health & Wellness Bag, and Hertz Nazaire T-shirt & Coloring Books.*

Schedule (Presenter List):

All of the presenters have been confirmed.


*Due to COVID-19 all of the session will be conducted thru Zoom video conference until such time we can meet in person. The sign on information will be sent to you through evite. The syllabus will be available on the day of the session. If you have attended previous sessions and would like to have the syllabus sent to you mailed to you that is an option. You will also receive a recording of the zoom session.*


Handouts will be helpful for the attendees while they listen to your presentation and something they can refer to in the future. Please be concrete and general.

There is a Participation Agreement that the attendees have to sign with the “rules of the road” during the sessions.


*We do not want, nor do we expect, that the presenters will render any care while they are the presenter, with the exception of a life-threatening emergency. It will be spelled out that you will not refill or fill any prescriptions for anything during these sessions or at any time otherwise while you are presenting, whether you know the attendee or not.*

more Information:

This program is supported via a grant from Global Blood Therapeutics, Inc.

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