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Blood Drives.

February Virtual Month Long Blood Drive




SleevesUp (American Red Cross)


February 1-29

Come give in Feb. for a $20 Gift Card by email.



Story Of Hope:

Tymia (Blood Recipient)

Tymia Green is a spirited 12-year-old who aspires to be a pediatrician and model when she grows up. She is also battling sickle cell disease, a blood disorder that causes red blood cells to be hard and crescent- shaped instead of soft and round. As a result of the disease, blood has difficulty flowing smoothly and carrying oxygen to the rest Of the body. Patients with sickle cell disease can suffer a range Of conditions, including acute anemia, tissue and organ damage, terrible pain and even strokes. With no widely used cure. regular blood transfusions are ono of tho most common treatments for sickle cell disease. Blood transfusions increase the number 01 healthy red blood cells in the body, helping to deliver oxygen throughout the body and unblock blood vessels. Though sho is only 12, Tymia has already been hospitalized 40 times, received 42 blood transfusions and experienced surgeries to remove her spleen and gallbladder, The side effects of sickle cell disease can make Tymia feel ill and slow her down from doing the things ghe loves — dancing, cheerleading and modeling. However, her determination to fight the disease continues to push her to challenge herself and inspire others. Tymia is an honor roll student and was crowned Miss South Carolina Jr. Pre-Teen in 2015. "You can be anything or do anything — you just have to put your mind to it,' said Tymia. "Without the Red Cross and blood donations, I would not be Who I am today. For Tymia's mother Susie Green, words cannot express enough gratitude for those who so generously volunteer to roll up a sleeve and donate blood.

"The American Red Cross has our deepest appreciation for all they do," said Susie. "For the blood donors, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, because you have given just a little of your time to ensure someone like our daughter is able to live. We thank you!"


Red Cross has partnered with SCAASF to assist in their continued work to diversify the blood donor list for all of their blood drives. It was agreed that a greater awareness on the importance of giving blood from other cultures needs to be the focus.

It is our pleasure to be working with the Red Cross and be a part of this movement.

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