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Partnership & Sponsors.

Cayenne Wellness
Glendale, California



  • Spread awareness of sickle cell anemia

  • Provide support to the families coping with a diagnosis of this disease.


“To increase the quality of life for individuals diagnosed with sickle cell disease in California by ensuring expert, unbiased, and comprehensive care.”


Broader vision:

  1. A medical system that effectively addresses the unique needs of individuals with sickle cell disease

  2. Patients who are empowered and equipped to advocate for themselves.

Mental Health Services offered free


Sickle Cell Center of Excellence

San Francisco, California


At the UCSF Sickle Cell Center of Excellence, our comprehensive sickle cell team includes sickle cell specialists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered nurses, genetic counselors, social workers, dietitians, psychologists, research staff and community health workers. We are committed to empowering people of all ages who are living with sickle cell, along with their families, to be strong,
active and informed participants in their care. Telehealth options are available for your convenience

Adults with sickle cell disease receiving comprehensive care
from a sickle cell specialist enjoy better health outcomes, including fewer emergency visits and hospitalizations.

Julia Mathis Buford, Linkage Coordinator

UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital

Oakland, California


West SCD CTN Data Registry

In collaboration with the American society of hematology, SCAASF is a part of the community advisory board for Clinical Trials Network. 

Foundation for Sickle Cell Disease Research

Hollywood, Florida

Foundation for Sickle Cell Disease Research (FSCDR) was founded by Dr. Lanetta Bronté in December 2012 after working closely with the sickle cell community and noticing the extreme lack of care for a disease that affects 3 million people nationwide. Dr. Bronté serves as principal investigator on grants and industry-sponsored trials in sickle cell disease.

The FSCDR is a comprehensive, non-profit organization that provides a platform for researchers, healthcare providers, and those living with sickle cell disease. Working collaboratively with academia, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and community organizations, the best practices are identified to help with the management and future care of people living with sickle cell disease. We are accepting new clients daily and also offer free screenings. Know your sickle cell status!

To learn more, visit FSCDR at

The Pull Up- A Social


Our Motto: Where we are more than our illness…
Mission statement: A safe place, where we foster
a community of wellbeing and support, embracing people living with Sickle Cell Disease.
Purpose: We hope to gain a union of support, where we come together to help each other deal with our day to day adversities in life, while living with sickle cell disease. We also want to raise awareness by coming up with different health strategies to educate our community and other healthcare professionals. We promote self advocacy, build a system of support, resources, and education for our community. With this agenda we hope to obtain quality care and empower thy youth to take control of their health.

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Our Sponsors/PArtnerships

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