Self Portrait Sickle Cell Crisis: CRY-SIS

In a self-portrait labeled "CRY-SIS" by one of our clients (Janelle La Chaux), she portrays herself crying and in pain as she endures the sufferings of a sickle cell crisis.

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"I have been knowing to have sickle cell my whole life.

I knew something was different. "

"I feel like that I live such a hard life with sickle cell and I've been through so many things and god has brought me all this way. "


"I want to share my story about god and life and what I've been through because if I can do it, you can do it."

-Janelle La Chaux

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This website is dedicated to my son, Kareem Marcellas Jones

The NCSCC is dedicated to providing access to clinical care and community resources for patients with SCD in targeted communities throughout the state of California

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